Great Lakes Water Resource Managers' Initiative Resouce Kit


PennsylvaniaWater Management Program Information:
Pennsylvania's water management program is performed by the Department of Environmental Protection, which may be accessed at:

Compact Enacting Legislation:
Pennsylvania’s legislation enacting the Compact may be accessed at:

Impact and Impact Assessment:
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection currently uses the Susquehanna River Basin Commission’s passby flow policy Statewide for evaluating impacts of proposed projects on water resources in connection with three Statewide programs, when applicable. This policy is used for Pennsylvania’s water allocation program, Marcellus shale program and drinking water program. This policy may be revised in 2010.

Information regarding the Susquehanna River Basin Commission’s policy for evaluating impacts may be accessed at: The Guidelines for Using and Determining Passby Flows and Conservation Releases for Surface-Water and Ground-Water Withdrawal Approvals (SRBC Policy No. 2003-01) may be accessed at: