Great Lakes Water Resource Managers' Initiative Resouce Kit


Summary List of Referenced Materials Available Online:

Advisory Committee on Water Information:

Analysis of Flows in Networks of Channels model (AFINCH):

Colorado Water Conservation Board's Colorado Decision Support System:

Ecological Limits of Hydrologic Alteration (ELOHA):

Environment Canada Real Time Hydrometric Data:

Environment Canada Water Modeling Site:

Great Lakes Water Use Database:

Instream Flow Council:

International Environmental Flows Network:

Michigan Department of Natural Resources Conservation Advisory Council reports documenting the scientific aspects of and process leading to the Michigan Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool:,1607,7-153-39002_51494-198724--,00.html

Michigan Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool:

National Park Service - Inventory and Monitoring Program:

Pennsylvania Water Analysis Screening Tool:

Register of Ecological Models Database:

Texas Environmental Flows Allocation Process:

Texas Water Availability Model (WAM):

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Regional Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program:

U.S. Geological Survey - National Water-Quality Assessment Program:

U.S. Geological Survey Water Resources Software: