Great Lakes Water Resource Managers' Initiative Resouce Kit


QuebecWater Management Program Information:
Québec's water management program is performed by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks, which may be accessed at:

Agreement Enacting Legislation:
Québec's legislation enacting the Agreement may be accessed at:

Impact and Impact Assessment:
Québec has a program regarding the assessment of individual impacts for certain projects that could significantly affect the environment and cause public concern. Further information on this program may be accessed at:

Regulations for this program regarding impact assessment and review may be accessed at:

A regulation regarding the assessment of individual environmental impact of groundwater withdrawals may also be found at:

Québec is working to develop a methodology to assess individual and cumulative impacts from water withdrawals, and plans to develop and use a GIS-based (Geographic Information System) analysis system that includes flow and other water-related data.